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Calling all Non .Net Programmers

August 15, 2007 11:14 by Andrew Westgarth

Did you know that the .Net framework is free?  This is something which is less well known I guess as many assume there is a cost involved.  I've been reading this great post from Ian Moulster on this very subject and he highlights a site within MSDN that Microsoft have developed to highlight how non .Net Programmers can get into .Net Programming, download the framework and free tools for developing with .Net such as Visual Web Developer, Visual C# Express and Visual Basic Express and even SQL Server Express.

The new site can be found at and gives some steps into learning .Net whichever background you come from i.e. Java and JSP, PHP or ColdFusion. 

This site might event be of use to current .Net Developers who are still getting to grips with the .Net Framework.


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