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Windows Server 2008 has RTM'd!!

February 4, 2008 06:59 by Andrew Westgarth

Great news and well done to all the teams involved with Windows Server 2008 - Earlier today it was announced that Windows Server 2008 has RTM'd

-  Now all I need is for to upgrade their servers and I can get my blog moved to IIS7!!

Also check out a video of Alex Hinrichs talking about shipping Windows Server 2008 on Channel 9 - and there is also an interview with Carlos Aguilar Mares, Development Lead on the IIS team, which I recorded for VBUG whilst out at Tech Ed -

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Eric | February 29 2008 18:26

Andrew Westgarth

Hi thanks the heads up - have contact the Support Team to migrate my account Smile.

Andrew Westgarth | March 2 2008 14:26


You can request for a server migration by contacting the DiscountASP.NET tech support department.

Eric | March 3 2008 10:44

Andrew Westgarth

Thanks Eric, thats been done and I've now successfully migrated.  Excellent turnaround by the whole of the Discount Asp.Net Team - Gold Stars All Round Smile

Andrew Westgarth | March 3 2008 13:12


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