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An Code Monkey Goes To Tech Ed 2006 - Day 2 - Afternoon 3,4 & 5

November 9, 2006 10:00 by Andrew Westgarth

The afternoon of day 2 left me seeing:

  • 10 Undiscovered Features of 2.0 - Fritz Onion
  • Using Visual Studio Team System to Design, Develop and Test Enterprise Web Applications - Keith Smith
  • Windows SharePoint Services v3 Development: Web Parts, Master Pages, Field Types and More - Ted Pattison

Fritz covered a number of features buried within 2.0 which I would imagine many have not seen such as CSS Control Adapters - these are an extension for which enables the server controls such as menu, datalist, datagrid to render in full css as opposed to tables. This is great from an accessibility point of view and is used in this blog and in other projects I am working on. Another neat feature is the Application offline, this is a html file which sits in the application directory and if IIS detects it, displays this file and it is customisable so you can easily take a site offline for updates and render a custom page to inform users what is happening. The full listing of features Fritz covered are: Offline applications, Validation groups, CSS control adapters, Nested declarative data binding, Control focus / default buttons, Multi-source cross page post back, Site-wide control references, Custom evaluation expressions, DefaultHttpHandler endpoint mapping, Custom build providers why not do a search on these terms and find out more?

Keith Smith presented a topic on Visual Studio Team System for Web Developers. I remember seeing a lot of VSTS last year in preparation for the Visual Studio launch. This session has reminded me of the features of VSTS and it's something I am looking at for the value of a small team I am in. Keith demonstrated load testing and work items and the power of using VSTS in Office products such as Excel and Project for Project Managers.

My final session of the day covered a large amount of MOSS2007 development and the use of the platform and was presented by Ted Pattison. My impression of the speaker was that he know's a lot about the subject material and I found the session very interesting. I can't immediately put this in place as I do very little custom SharePoint work however I do think this will come in useful for future work. In discussing SharePoint with other delegates I've come to find a lot of people be very complimentary about Ted's technical knowledge so I would recommend checking out his blog for further information


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