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Book Review: Professional IIS 7 And ASP.NET Integrated Programming

March 3, 2008 15:38 by Andrew Westgarth

Professional IIS 7 and ASP.NET Integrated Programming by Dr. Shahram Khosravi - Book Cover

I managed to get hold of this book a few months ago, about the time I flew out to Tech Ed in Barcelona.  Unfortunately it's taken me till now to write up my impressions and views on this book.  Initially I was a little apprehensive about reading this book due to two particular reasons: firstly I don't generally get along with Wrox Press books and in the past have found them difficult to read compared to other titles from other publishing houses; secondly this book is a considerable size - totaling 670 pages!!  I was however eager to read it, as I am any new titles that appear on the subject of IIS 7.  This one had particularly grabbed my attention due to it's initial indications of specific relevance of how to exploit the power of IIS 7 in ASP.NET Applications and Programming.

In essence I would say that this book is a must have on the bookshelf of any serious ASP.NET developer who is looking to exploit and use the full power of IIS 7 in their applications.  As opposed to a previous title I reviewed - Book Review: IIS7 Implementation and Administration - this book is most definitely aimed at the Developer.  There are only 12 chapters in this title however they are very detailed chapters and really go into great detail.  Topics covered include using the integrated configuration system (<system.webserver>), how to extend the configuration system, extending the management interface, extending the request pipeline and it even has a great chapter on the integration of WCF in IIS 7 - something which I've been looking for good sources of information on.

What is great about this book is how in each element Dr. Khosravi has gone into immense detail and broke down each part of the object model and configuration model, explaining the effects of each option and the affect that can have on your application and the web server itself.  This is a feature which I and I would imagine many others will turn to over and over again as new requirements appear in my/their projects.  Although initially the content of this book can be daunting to a beginner in time they will grow in knowledge along side this book, and it is a title which can be constantly revisited and digested at the reader's own pace, this is a must for any IIS/ASP.NET Developer's bookshelf.

In response to my initial two concerns about this title, I've been convinced.  I enjoyed reading this book and possibly my reading style and ability has improved/changed since I last read a Wrox title, but I didn't have a lot of problems reading this book, although the content can be quite heavy going as it is so detailed, which I've already identified as a strength.  The size of the book is also of no problem and indeed is vindicated in the quality of the content.

Book Details:

Title: Professional IIS 7 and ASP.NET Integrated Programming

Author: Dr. Shahram Khosravi

Publisher: Wrox

Link to purchase on Computer Manuals :

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Tagesgeld Vergleich

Thanks for this review. I was looking for a book like this, and your review helped me here.

Tagesgeld Vergleich | May 8 2008 05:06

Andrew Westgarth

Glad I could help.  I currently am working my way through a few more books - IIS Resource Kit (MSPress), IIS Pocket Administrators Toolkit (MSPress), and Professional IIS (Wrox) but I think they're more suited to IT Pros rather than devs.  Reviews coming soon Smile.

Andrew Westgarth | May 8 2008 05:09

Helen Hunt

Nice review - I was looking to a review on this book, and my search led me to your blog. Just started working on .NET platforms hence the search for ASP.Net resources for IIS.

Lovely blog by the way Smile

Helen Hunt | March 19 2009 13:21

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