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PowerShell Provider for IIS7

April 16, 2008 05:28 by Andrew Westgarth

Last night when I was reviewing my blog feeds, I noticed an interesting post by Thomas Deml - on the use of PowerShell with IIS7.  I have been intriqued by PowerShell for a while and have seen a couple of great sessions at recent Developer Day events.  The IIS Team are currently working on a PowerShell Provider with which you can administer IIS and you can get hold of the first Tech Preview now - .  I particularly like command line utilities as it reminds me of sitting in DOS and other command Shells.  I love the appcmd command-line utility which can be used to administer IIS7.  I like the new UI for managing IIS7 too but sometimes I just like to get a little geeky and sit and work in a command shell window :).

This morning I was sat in the garage, waiting for my Car to have it's MOT test, and I had downloaded the PowerShell snap-in walkthroughs ( last night and sat and worked through them in the garage waiting area.  There are nine walkthroughs so far and they guide through Administering Sites/Apps/VDirs/AppPools etc.  If you are comfortable using PowerShell, I haven't done a lot of work with it but picked the syntax up quickly, then this is definitely worth a look.  I haven't decided yet which I prefer but the fact that we are now getting so much development, new features and so many new tools for IIS7 can only be great news.

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Hal Rottenberg

Sweet!  This definitely rates mention on the PowerScripting Podcast.  Listen for us to discuss your post on episode 23 to be released Apr 20th or 21st.

Hal Rottenberg | April 16 2008 11:39

Filey Lad

why do I feel I'm always behind the curve. I'll be cjecking out powertools tonight to see if it can make sense of the awful IIS7.

Filey Lad | June 26 2008 08:28

Filey Lad

didn't know that powertools existed - what other job has a learning curve like this one

Filey Lad | June 26 2008 08:32

Andrew Westgarth

Filey Lad, I hope it helps.  I Love the job, always keeps me on my toes learning new things Smile.  If you're in the Bradford area next Wednesday night why not come along to the event at Black Marble - it starts at 6pm and is free to register - maybe I can discuss your IIS7 issues with you -

Andrew Westgarth | June 26 2008 08:35

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