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Updated Blog - New Engine and New Hoster

October 22, 2007 06:13 by Andrew Westgarth


I've finally moved to a new Blogging Engine, I've been taking a look at the various options available for a while now, and have finally taken the plunge and I'm trying BlogEngine.Net.  I had looked at Subtext and DasBlog but I've been trying BlogEngine.Net for a couple of months while I tested functionality and decided that I would give this one a try and so far I have been impressed.  BlogEngine.Net is a CodePlex Project and is regularly updated and the team behind it have a very impressive roadmap and vision for the engine.  No sooner had they released the recent v1.2 build than they are already looking at v1.3.  My only gripe so far has been with the Blog Import tool, but I managed to find a way round it by importing my blog into the v1.1 release then upgrading to v1.2 and then published the blog.  I'll give a full run down of features in a future post.

My reason for moving to an engine was that I didn't have time to constantly tweak and develop my self created blog and even at some points the time it was taking to prepare a post and actually publish the post was prohibitive.  By using an engine which is being worked on by the community the work is shared and a lot of the functionality which I wanted to develop is already here.  Also I can now use, and am currently with this post, Windows Live Writer to prepare posts and post directly from any PC, I'm also going to be taking a look at blogging direct from Microsoft Office Word 2007.  Hopefully with a better engine behind my blog I'll be able to blog a lot more frequently, so expect to see lots of new content.

I have also moved to a new hosting package with Discount ASP.Net.  Discount ASP.Net are a well known Award Winning Web Hosting provider and are always ahead of the game in providing functionality for ASP.Net developers to take advantage of.  For example Discount ASP.Net are currently offering a free Beta Account with ASP.Net 3.5 and IIS7 Hosting together, showing there commitment to innovation and industry leading services.  I've not been happy with the lack of speed with which 1and1 move as regards to providing there customers with new features, especially with the high end shared hosting package like I was on, such as AJAX and SQL Server 2005 Support (both still not provided), plus with the costs and pricing plan that Discount ASP.Net employ I will also be making a significant cost saving.  My experience so far with set up and facilities provided my Discount ASP.Net has been excellent and I would fully recommend their services.

Discount ASP.Net Hosting Packages

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Thanks for the brief insight into! I'm in the middle of an inter-office debate for a blog platform over vs. SubText vs. DasBlog. I'll be keeping tuned to your blog and would be very appreciative if you do some follow-up posts of how things have been going with

Benny_A | December 8 2007 10:58

Andrew Westgarth

  sure no problem, I'll add a new post very soon on how things are going with - I've got quite a few blog posts to catch up on so will add it to the list Smile.

Andrew Westgarth | December 10 2007 01:19


Thanks for sharing your experience with BlogEngine.NET.  You review was one of many that helped me decide to use this product.  I agree.  I've been impressed with the code and ease of installation.  In my opinion, WLW beats Word 2007 in features, even though Word 2007 is way better at WYSIWYG formatting.  

snyhol | March 31 2008 11:02

Andrew Westgarth

Hi synhol,
          my pleasure I've been working with BlogEngine.Net and I am now using v 1.3 and am hosting on IIS 7 thanks to - check out more recent postings for details of this.

Andrew Westgarth | March 31 2008 13:31


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